Brahma Chicken

There are various definitions on internet about these big birds. Since they are rather larger and friendlier than standard chickens, we call them gentle giants. They are friendly, slow-moving, in harmony with calm human beings, and are very kind and pretty weak chickens for their large bodies. Although they look like typical rough legged chickens, Brahma chickens have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other rough legged chickens. If we need to clarify a few obvious simple things among those differences, we can pick comb, a back slope and walking.

Brahma chicken is a species developed in the United States, based on very large chickens exported from the Shanghai port. Between 1850 and 1930, Brahma chicken was the most commonly consumed chicken in the United States.

History of Brahma Chicken

There are many discussions about the origin of Brahma Chicken. It is thought that Brahma Chicken is a variety developed in United States from the big chicken exported from Shanghai, China. The earliest examples of species are known as Shanghai chickens. Limited crossbreeding with Chittagong chickens, now known as Bangladesh chickens, has give the Brahma species their original head shape and the beak that separates them from the Cochin breed. Cochin is another species developed from Shanghai chickens.

Brahma chickens were first exported to England in December 1852. George Burnham sent nine "Gray Shanghai" chickens to Queen Victoria as a gift. The Dark Brahma variation was developed by British breeders from these Gray Shanghai chickens. These newly developed chickens were also exported from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Light and dark Brahma took place in the first publication of American Poultry Union's standards of excellence at 1874. The Buff variation was added in 1924 or 1929.

Between 1850 and 1930, Brahma chicken was the most commonly consumed chicken in the United States. These big roosters can grow up to 8kg. The females can reach up to 6 kg.

It is thought that name of Brahma species came from Brahma Putra river in India.

Characteristic Properties of Brahma Chicken

Brahma Breed is a big and strong chicken variety. It has a big head. When it erects its body, it takes a V shape and especially male chickens seem quiet longer. Their feet are strong, their feathers lie down up to their middle finger and feather density is higher than Cochin variety.

Average weight of a male is 5.5 kg and female is 4.5 kg.

The eggs are weighted on average 55 - 60 g.

They make 120-130 eggs a year.

Famous Varieties of Brahma chicken

There are 11 varieties which we are following and give importance and also accepted in Netherlands.

These are;

Berken, Blue Partridge, Buff Blue Columbian, Buff Black Columbian, Koekoek, Gold Partridge, Black White Mottled, Silver Partridge, White, White Blue Columbian, White Black Columbian.

The Brahma Club of the Netherlands is doing a lot of work on new variety development.

In the near future we can say that 16-17 new varieties will be presented at Europe.